What are we walking for?


This is the eighth year in succession that the number of refugees worldwide has increased: the world now has over 100 million refugees. Never have so many people sought shelter from war, conflict and oppression. Join a Night of the Refugee walk and help make a difference: by taking part you can raise awareness of their story and make your sponsored kilometres count. The more money you raise, the more emergency aid we can offer. Did you know that each participant in previous years has helped at least fifteen refugees?


The Dutch Refugee Foundation (Stichting Vluchteling) provides emergency aid in crises around the world. We supply immediate, life-saving aid in direct response to disasters and violent conflicts. We often have to act with lightning speed. We provide people seeking safety with shelter, medical care, food, water and sanitary facilities. Check out the help we have supplied in recent years thanks to your participation:

Emergency Aid projects edition 2022

You can download this folder or watch the video below:

Emergency Aid projects edition 2021

You can download this folder or watch the video below:


Aid projects NvdV22 Download
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