Practical information

With the information below, you will be well prepared for the start! Especially if you are walking a longer distance for the first time, it is important to read this carefully.


Each participant must register individually to be assured of a personal e-ticket. This also applies to participants who are part of a team. We do not charge a registration fee or minimum sponsor amount, but we do expect every participant to make an effort to collect donations. After all, we are walking for a great cause: emergency aid for refugees around the world.

10 and 20 kilometer route

The 10 and 20 kilometer routes start between 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM on Saturday evening, June 15. The starting location is also the finish location and there is 1 rest point along the way. Participants have until 11:30 PM to finish.

40 kilometer route

The 40 kilometer route starts around midnight between 11:30 PM - 12:15 AM where participants walk from city A to city B. There are 4 rest points along the way and participants have until 12:00 PM on Sunday afternoon to finish. We would like to point out that walking 40 kilometers at night to another city is not to be taken lightly. It requires more (mental) preparation and training. In addition, it is good to realize that you will be walking (mostly on cylcle and walk paths) in the dark for several of hours at night, through woods and cities, so navigating can be a challenge.

Joining the 40 kilometer route (morning route)

This year we are also doing a pilot in which a limited number of participants can join the 40 kilometer route from rest point 2 and 3. This gives team members (who feel that 40 kilometers is too much) the opportunity to still join their team and finish together. Good to realize that with this option you have to go to a rest point in the middle of the night to start with your walk. You can find the opening hours of the rest location on the route pages. We ask participants of the morning route to be present at rest point 2 of 3 for registration no later than half an hour before closing time.

Starting location

At the starting location, participants can register and prepare for the route. You can participate in a warm-up, take a nice photo or buy something for the road in our Night Shop. There will also be coffee, tea and water available and fruit or an energy snack.

Rest locations (and opening hours)

At a rest location, the starting cards are stamped by our volunteers and you can use the toilet, first aid and are offered coffee and tea. You can also fill your water bottle with water. The rest locations have opening hours that are shared on the website, at the location itself and on your starting card. After the indicated closing time, the volunteers will start dismantling and cleaning up. So keep a good walking pace and don't linger too long at a rest location. This way we can be sure that the last runner will arrive no later than the final finish time. You can find the opening hours for your rest locations on the route page.

Finish location

Participants will be welcomed at the finish location by our finish team. We ask you to return your vest to us, and if you opted for a medal or pin when registering, you can pick it up. You can also enjoy a drink and snack via the consumption voucher attached to your starting card. We invite family and friends to welcome you!

You are responsible for your own return home. If the finish location is more than a 10-minute walk from the train station (or if there are few public transport options), we will provide shuttle buses from the finish location to the station. This edition, this will we organized at the following locations: Haarlem and Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Arnhem, Amersfoort and Den Bosch.

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