Nacht van de Vluchteling 2023

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Vicky Beresford

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Nacht van de Vluchteling 2023

I'm participating in the ''Night of the Refugee'' in the weekend of 17-18 June in order to raise money and awareness for the plight of the countless refugees who have been forced to leave their homes and plunge into homelessness, statelessness, uncertainty, invisibility, often with no opportunity and no end in sight. No-one would willingly leave everything they know behind them and head into the abyss of being a refugee without being in diabolical need. People facing war, oppression, violence & fear in so many shapes and forms. Climate disasters making ancestral homelands unlivable. We live in a relentlessly cruel and divided global landscape. Can you imagine for a minute not having a door to put your key in; nowhere to shelter; no rights; no meansfor providing for yourself & your family; no future for your children...? 

On the night of 17-18th June, I'll walk together with Anne-Sophie & Marjon (and all my global brothers and sisters, in thought), and aim to shine a light through the darkness on the priviliged ability we have to help in some small way. How many steps away from needing help are each and every one of us....? 

What can you spare to donate to this cause? Thank you!!

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