Night of the Refugee 2023

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Claire Estève

(40 KM Tilburg - Eindhoven)

Night of the Refugee 2023

In 2022, a hundred millions of people were forced to leave their home setting off on perilous journeys.
I’ve told myself that for 2023, I wanted more generosity and solidarity. I felt that this challenge was a good opportunity to turn this resolution into concrete action!
On the 17-18th of June, I’ll walk 40-kilometres in the night to support the Dutch Refugee Foundation’s efforts. We’ll help raise awareness of these tragedies unfolding ever closer to us.

I’ve also set the goal for myself to collect 500e, these funds will support emergency relief and the actions of the Dutch Refugee Foundation.

You know me well, I'm not a great sportswoman, I will surely suffer, complain but I will go all the way! And on top of encouraging me through this sporting challenge, it would make me super happy if you could contribute to my solidarity fundraising, help bring a little care to the most vulnerable!

Thank you!

Love <3 


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